Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Recycled raised flower bed

It's been ages since I blogged anything. I've been so focused on making puppets that I've neglected the other crafts, but this week I have finally taken a break to recharge my crafty mojo.  

It started as a drop leaf table in my nanna's house. We used to have lunch round it and I have a lot of fond memories of it in nanna's living room. When she passed away I inherited it and it got put under the stairs, only coming out if I needed extra table space. I didn't need it but couldn't bear to part with it. Over the years it looked tired and eventually the top and leaves were irreparably damaged and had to be removed. This is what was left:

I still couldn't bring myself to get rid of it and these legs have been sitting in the shed waiting for me to think of a new use for them. I finally decided on a raised bed for the garden.  Time to challenge Dad!

Dad dug out some spare wood bits he had stored in the roof of the garage and made a box for the top and restrained and varnished the legs for me. The box was too light for the legs so I decided I wanted it black and would have a go at the canal style painting.  Dad sprayed the box black while I was at work.  There is just no holding him back once he knows what I'm after (he is my hero).

Now painting is not my strong point but I have an old copy of the Australian Women's Weekly Handmade magazine that set out some step by step instructions. Here is the final result:

I'm very pleased with the results and have filled it with plantpots of flowers to cheer up the garden.  Most of my pots have veg in so it's nice to have a splash of colour.

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