Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sewing again yey!

I have been a generous soul with my cold from hell. Unintentionally of course. I seem to have pretty much got rid of it but have managed to infect dear hubby who has been horribly poorly with it.  Like me he lost his sense of smell and taste for a few days. Not great when you're trying to be a culinary maestro in the kitchen 😷.
So now I am back into the swing of sewing again and it's been good to take stock of all the things I need to do to fill orders.  I know there have been a few extremely patient people out there waiting for puppets and sofa cushions. Thank you so much for that patience, it has meant so much while I have gone through a couple of difficult patches. I have not forgotten you. I'm working on them now.

Tonight I have managed to move the Doris Duck puppets along a bit, more tacking and sewing needed and I need to sort out the eyes too. I also managed to get the sofa throw done, so a couple of arm covers and cushion covers to go on that one. 

I am really pleased with the way the throw turned out. The customer supplied some lovely textural fabric. It has a tendency to fray so I've overlooked all the edges then just done a simple hem and mitred corners. I picked one of the fancy stitches on the sewing machine and a contrasting thread. Here's a sneak peak, what do you think?

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