Sunday, 10 January 2016

2016 so far....

After weighing in at heavier than I have ever been (I'm not telling) my determination to get back to healthy living and plenty of exercise reached a new high after New Year. This is a good thing.  So to start, I thought about what I wanted to achieve this year:

1. Lose some weight
2. Get fit
3. Design some new puppets (after finishing some outstanding orders)
4. Try some new recipes
5. Try a new craft

Notice they are broad aims, the detail of how I am going to achieve them is something I need to work on. So far so good.

So we are a week(ish) into 2016 and how is it going? Rubbish!

Last weekend the dreaded lurgy crept into our house and took up lodging.  I managed to get through the first few days of the week at work feeling like I had been run over by a steamroller then scrunched up and pushed into a balloon that I could not get out of. The rest of the week has been a disaster with constant coughing and a pounding headache with stabbing pains.  I also managed to develop a wheeze that sounded like a family of mice had set up home in my chest.  

Exercise has gone out of the window along with sleep and motivation. Today I think I am starting on the mend so will be getting back to the day job tomorrow, and hoping to pick the rest back up as well.

I hope your New Year has started well and you are all still on track with any resolutions you have made.
Happy New Year 😘

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