Sunday, 13 September 2015

The continuing Italian adventures of Percy Strangeways

After the fabulous time I had last year I asked Mammy if I could go on holiday with her again this year. I was so pleased when she said yes - no sneaking in the case this time! In fact I got a window seat on the plane and looked out of the window as we flew over the Alps. They were very big.

I promised Mammy I wouldn't be any trouble and have been practicing hanging onto her bag. I get to see lots but sometimes I get a bit too excited and let go and fall off, luckily I've been wrapping my tail round the strap so I haven't got lost and just climb back up and grab hold again - I don't think Mammy noticed.

I did a bit of rock climbing in Varenna, then sat enjoying the sun and the view by the lake.

It got a bit too hot so I sat in a shady tree for a bit.

Climbed in a bamboo forest before leaping back onto Mammy's bag at the villa Melzi.

Then decided that I was being way too energetic so sat and enjoyed the Trombetta express around Bellagio.

The best bit was the villa Carlotta where I met some new friends. They were swimming around in a pool and said that we must be related because we both had the same stripy face. But I'm not fond of swimming and Mammy said they were terrapins (no me neither) so I think they were mistaken. They were very nice though and even the baby one came over to see me. I sat by their pool for a bit and I told them about the ferry.

I'm a bit small for the ferry seat but I got to lean over the side which was fun. It was a very pretty place. I wonder where I can go next?

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