Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Alien has arrived

It started life as a colourful marionette. A sort of furry purple ostrich. It loved to dance and shimmy but felt like there should be more. It was meant for greater things. The stage beckoned. So the purple ostrich cut its strings, left its family, and set off for the bright lights of the stage. 

The purple ostrich set its sights high. It had heard that there was a fantastic puppet ministry team in Billingham called Puppets in the Pulpit and the purple ostrich wanted to be part of it. The first audition didn't go well. They wanted a donkey. The purple ostrich tried but just couldn't manage the method acting. The second audition wasn't much better. This time it was for a chorus part, but a group of dancing frogs won the gig. The next few auditions were the same with the purple ostrich being overlooked for other characters. Even the lion got a part in the Christmas service!

But the purple ostrich didn't give up. It helped around the troupe quarters, trying hard not to get tangled up in the Velcro at the bottom of the prop case. Then one Easter it heard mention of an alien part. It wouldn't matter that it was purple, fluffy and a bit leggy, the purple ostrich knew it could do it. It got further than ever before. It was looked at, tried out, given a voice. Then given a body costume and tried again........IT GOT THE PART! 

Into costume and makeup and now ready for a staring role in an Easter service, here is Puppets in the Pulpit's latest star:

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