Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Taste of Italy

Last Sunday my dear Hubby found a Christmas present he had forgotten to give me. It was quite exciting having a present in February. Well what was it you ask? And I will tell you - three Gino D'Acampo cookbooks! I love his Italian Escape series so this was the perfect gift.

Now we don't normally bother with Valentines Day. Personally I think it's over commercialised and if hubby came in with a bunch of roses I'd probably think he'd done something wrong! But after flicking through delectable recipes with gorgeous photos I couldn't resist planning a nice meal for us to celebrate. We are supposed to be watching the calories but decided this was a one off so I could do whatever I wanted.

So here is the menu:

Bruschette con pesto do pomodori secchi (bruschetta with sun-dried tomato pesto)

     - this is extremely tasty and we gave it 10/10. Even though I made half the amount I still have quite a lot of the pesto left which Hubby is very very happy about!

Rigatoni all' arrabbiata con salmone (rigatoni in spicy tomato and salmon sauce)

     - this was a light sauce but could probably do with more chilli for our taste. It will make a nice summer meal with a good side salad and crusty bread.

Pancetta di maiale Al forno (slow roasted pork belly with radicchio) with roasted new potatoes, steamed carrots and sugar snap peas.

     - unfortunately I couldn't get hold of any radicchio heads so substituted the carrots and peas. The pork was lovely with a very crispy crackling. I don't like aniseed but the fennel seeds added a nice touch, and the smidge of good quality balsamic vinegar set the meal off well.

Coppe al caffe' con Cioccolato fuso (coffee pots with melting chocolate)

    - now come on, chocolate and coffee, what is not to like? These are a baked individual puddings with a sauce that sinks to the bottom.  The flavour was great but they were a little dry. Might have been nice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a smidge of cream.

Needless to say this was the one meal of the day and I spread it out over a few hours.  I am really happy with how it all turned out, and Hubby was very appreciative 😘

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