Sunday, 26 October 2014

I am learning

True to Ruth Mallon's comments on my last post, I learned a lot from all the frustration on the last puppet.  Yes, you can infer from that comment that I have finished puppet one. 👏 (cheering madly)  

I would love to share it with you guys but as it's a commission I will have to hold off until all four are done and they go off to their new home.  I am happy with it though and am half way through puppet two, which is probably going to prove to be the easiest of the four.

Apart from learning how to make a pattern and some construction tips this process has also taught me  that the creative design process actually takes a lot longer than I thought. Which all means I am definitely undercharging on my self designed items.  I did suspect this, but hadn't paid much attention to it before. Not very professional but then I do this because I enjoy it.  I also don't think people would pay the full cost if I did charge it.  How do you work your prices out? I would be interested in your thoughts and advice.

And just because I like to have at least one picture in a post, here is a little felt owl from a kit on Simply Homemade magazine (he is called Pikelet) alongside a couple of fish made for a Feeding of the 5000 puppet sketch.

I'm off to join up with


  1. Oh yes, the creative process can take all sorts of twists and turns that you are never expecting which all makes everything take longer than planned - all worth it in the end though!

  2. Even when I'm designing a simple card, it's amazing how long it takes! Your owl looks so cute! Xx

  3. Pricing is such a difficult issue you have to balance what it costs to make and what people will pay for an item - certainly I can't add the cost of my time on my stuff because then they'd be far too expensive - anyone want to pay £10 for a card? (definitely not). I'm hoping I've got the balance right for all my new blooms and bows products (but it's already had a few adjustments and there may be more!) Good luck with the rest of your puppets.