Wednesday, 27 August 2014

New Beginnings

Once upon a time there was a lonely pair of socks. They weren't particularly special socks. Just teenage boy's black socks with yellow and grey stripes at heel and toe.  

They weren't even much loved socks. Yes they had been worn a couple of times, but the fact was they were so nondescript that when the young man left he had abandoned the socks without a second thought. There they lay, lonely and unloved. Stuffed in a drawer. Squashed a bit by some flat batteries and a revision book. Not needed. Not wanted. Forgotten.

Then one day a shaft of light flooded the drawer and the book, batteries and socks were lifted out. The book was sent to a charity shop to help some other teenager through their exams.  The batteries were sent to the recycling to be disposed of safely.  The socks were worried. They knew that they wouldn't be sent to someone else because they had been worn, so the charity route wasn't an option. That seemed to leave the rag bag or the bin. Nervously they lay in the hands of the teenager's Aunt and waited to see what would happen. 

To the socks surprise they were granted a reprieve from the rag bag and the bin and placed in a box full of fabric. There they stayed, snug and safe, but seemingly no more loved than they had been in the drawer.  But they were wrong about that. Every so often the Aunt would lift them out and consider them, then put them back again.  What did it mean?

Then one night the Aunt came, lifted them out, and didn't put them back again. She had other things with her: scissors, needle and thread, buttons, and some fluffy white toy stuffing.  The socks hoped and hoped and hoped. The scissors went snip snip. Some bits were thrown away, but some were kept. The needle flashed in the bright light pulling the thread in and out. The socks were pulled this way and that and began to fill up and take shape. Then it was all finished.  The socks looked out of new button eyes and saw that, where there had been two socks in the pair, there was now a new face, new body, legs, arms and a very, very long tail! A new beginning The socks had been transformed into a sock monkey. 

Even better they weren't just 'the socks' anymore. 

Now they had a name - Percy Strangeways.

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