Sunday, 27 July 2014

What is a puppet arm rod?

Before I posted off the puppet to his new home following the Handmade Nation charity auction (visit their Facebook page here: ) I wanted to produce an arm rod page to explain why I included a couple of chopsticks with rubber bands!  I was really pleased with how it turned out and will include it with all puppet sales from now on.

I thought I would reproduce the 'How to' photos here for you.

1. Tie your rubber band on the end of the chopstick/arm rod by threading it through itself and pulling tight

2. Pass the rubber band either side of the rod to make a D shape

3. Slip the puppet arm through the D with the rod on the inside of the wrist

4. With one hand in your puppet use the other to move the arm rods, it takes practice but not really that much!

I will be popping over to Handmade Harbour to see what all the other crafty people have been up to.

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