Sunday, 27 July 2014

Growing green

Following on from last week, and making the most of the fabulous weather, I have spent quite a bit of time in the garden this week.  I should probably qualify that? The back garden. I have spent no time at all in the front except to water the window box - it shows!

We picked fresh peas and new potatoes on Monday for tea which is immensely satisfying. Then two of our nephews popped round on Tuesday and decimated the rest of the peas and the alpine strawbs.  Who doesn't love fresh peas straight from the pod though.  Anyway, I got them to each plant a tray of peas which are now in the greenhouse having a competition of which will sprout first.  Even if we don't get a late crop of peas Spock and Bertie will appreciate the green leaves right into autumn. They love pea leaves.

It was also time to wave goodbye to the loganberries.  Last crop picked and bowls of lovely juicy berries handed out to friends and neighbours. It took a good couple of hours to cut out this years fruiting canes, paint the frame, and re-tie the new canes ready for next year.

Still a couple of jobs to do, like painting the fence but it has been lovely to sit out on the bench and enjoy the peace.  

The front garden is a whole other story!  I call it my wildlife garden.  Okay it isn't completely overgrown, but the plants have gone a bit wild and need some fairly dramatic pruning. I do have a couple of insect hotels (otherwise known as piles of sticks) under the honeysuckle and bay tree to encourage the insects. So the next task is to try and spend 30mins a day out there getting to grips with the jungle. Wish me luck!

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