Sunday, 20 July 2014

Birthday bonanza

Two weeks since my last blog and there has been quite a bit going on.  It was my birthday.  Unfortunately DH was away which was a bit of a shame.  He did leave me a treasure hunt to follow though and Mam gave me the first clue the night before. It was great and took me out to the shed, into the car, round the house, and finally I was rewarded with chocolate and marshmallows from Spock and Bertie......yummy!

I also got a nice little greenhouse thing and some money to go and splash out on plants, seeds and soil.
I've got a few trays of seeds in there now, have planted up lots of pots and a couple of window boxes with flowers. We have moved the bench into a better position and I've been enjoying the odd al fresco breakfast in the sun! Fabulous.

My sister bought me a new bird.  She had me worried for a while asking me if the cage was big enough for another bird, but luckily Millie doesn't need a cage! She's a lovely puppet.

On the craft front, I finally finished off the kindle pouches and we had them on the stall on Saturday for the summer fayre, fundraising for the church roof. It wasn't a great day (bad table spot) but could have been worse, and every little helps.

I've also managed to de fluff a load of seams and get arms sewn on two puppets, another three to go before I start on facial features.

Well enough about me. I'm off to handmade harbour to see what everyone else has been up to.

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