Friday, 13 June 2014

World Cup Challenge

Yes it has begun. World Cup fever has hit our house. Dear Hubby (DH) is planning to watch as many of the matches as possible (I should be getting a reasonable amount of crafting done, and will be relying on my iPad to watch films and stuff). 

I'm not a big football fan (you might have guessed), but I haven't gone the bah humbug route of football widow. Oh no - I have set myself a World Cup Challenge instead.  The challenge is to pick a team from the teams playing on that day, and cook tea from a recipe from that country.  We are counting calories at the moment so there is an additional challenge to do the meal at around the 500 calorie mark.  I am going to try not to repeat countries as much as possible at least in the early stages.

Challenge started Friday (yes I'd missed the opening game) and I picked Mexico.  This was the recipe I tried: it was really nice with rice and sweetcorn so we will be keeping this recipe for future.

Saturday I picked Italy so we had spaghetti arabiatta, and today France.  I went the easy route today and we had Brie baguette! It's still French!

On the crafting front I've been making kindle/tablet covers and one iPhone cover. Here are the green ones. 

I have two blue ones cut out and ready to sew using the spotty fabric for the lining and the tabs again. I will be completing those tomorrow night as I'm card making this afternoon. I'm really pleased with the way these turned out.

I'm off to start the cards now and will be linking up with all the wonderful crafters over at handmade Harbour later on.  Bye for now.

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