Sunday, 22 June 2014

and the Challenge continues

I thought I had better add to this weeks blog as I go through the week otherwise I might forget which meals went where :-)

Monday was a bit of a cheat day. I picked U.S.A so we could have beef burger with fries! Nice but I would have loved some battered onion rings and melted cheese as well. Never mind!  Tuesday was a new recipe for Brazil: Brazilian Chicken with Coconut Milk Sauce here . Choking and crying while the chicken was cooking in the spices I thought eating the dish might be a bit of a scary experience, but the coconut milk took the heat out and the sauce made the rice very tasty.

Wednesday, Spain. I was struggling a bit to find something for a main meal. I'm not a fish person so that was out. 
Most of the rest had chorizo (which I love by the way) which is a bit high on the calorie front. In the end opted for a lunch of courgette, potato and mint frittata, here:  It was lovely and we would definitely do it again. I cut the calories by replacing the cheddar with a couple of tablespoons of Parmesan sprinkled on the top, and only used one potato.  The fresh mint from the garden really made this stand out.  Yummy.

Thursday, another cheat day as I wanted something I could leave in the oven, so we went England and had baked potato with cottage cheese and salad.  Not very adventurous but you have to have a normal day every so often. Friday, something new again for Switzerland this time - Swiss Steak it was nice but nothing special. I kept getting distracted by the various fondue recipes while I was looking - cheese and chocolate being really limited at the moment (boo hoo) - so I may not have been giving the recipe search my full attention!

Saturday I wanted something easy and chewy so opted for Bratwurst for Germany. Bad idea really. I like them but they didn't really fill us up and the rest of the evening passed in dreams of crisps, chocolate, cake, pasties.......basically anything edible!  So to today.  We have both been for a bike ride today so we'd burned plenty of calories.  Russia and beef stroganoff was a winner. Really nice recipe here

After all this talk about food have I actually done any crafts!  Well yes, though perhaps not as much as I should have.  I managed to get a few birthday cards made so that will keep me going for a couple of months, phew. I hate it when I run out. I've also been having a go at some Artist Trading Cards for an Arty Party on Tuesday. I've never done them before so I'm not entirely sure what is expected. I don't know whether to show you the card ones but I'm much happier with the fabric ones. They aren't finished yet but 'Octopus Garden' is above, and here is 'The Fallow Field' which are my favourites.

I'll be linking up to the Handmade Monday linky party here:

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