Sunday, 29 June 2014

All about food

A bit of a foody theme going on again. The World Cup challenge continued most of the week (weekend break so no cooking) with the most notable recipe this week being Belgian Style Rabbit
 I substituted turkey as I couldn't get a rabbit but it was delicious and I will definitely do this again - both with turkey and rabbit.

With the success of a couple of these recipes I thought I'd better update my 'special' cookbook.  The idea is that I will only write in recipes that are brilliant and will be done again and again.  I planned to pass it onto my child but as I don't have one I will just have to choose a nephew who likes cooking at some point.  Here is the rabbit recipe all written in.

As you can see, all done with fountain pen in italic script.

Next up, my eldest nephews birthday this week.  He's 19 so not into daft cakes, so I opted for Mary Berry's Crunchy Top Lemon Cake which always goes down well.

We stuck a single candle in the top and sang him Happy Birthday. Aunties job to embarrass nephews don't you think?  

I've also been gluing more puppet heads but more on that some other time. See you all over at Handmade Harbour

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