Sunday, 11 May 2014

Recipe: Weetabix Cake

My thanks to our friend Pat for giving me this recipe. It is incredibly easy to do, and fatless!  Okay, yes it does use a lot of sugar but I have worked out that if you cut it into 20 it is 118cals a piece.  It seems to keep quite well. I made it Monday and ate the last piece today and it was still lovely. It is a lovely chewy cake so it feels like you have eaten something (always good if you are dieting). Here goes:

Day 1:
Place half a pound each of dried fruit and light brown sugar in a bowl with two Weetabix. Pour on half a pint of milk, mix it up and leave to soak over night.

Day 2:
Add one egg and half a pound of self raising flour to the Weetabix mix, stir well and put into a lined tin.

(The recipe says a 2lb loaf tin but I lined a small tray bake tin with greaseproof paper instead as it is easier to cut into chunks.  It's up to you.)

Bake at Gas Mark 4, 180*C, for 1hour for the loaf, or about 30mins for the tray bake. Check with a skewer to make sure it's cooked.

Allow to cool slightly in the tin then turn out to cool completely.

Make a cuppa, cut a piece of cake, and enjoy.

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