Sunday, 20 April 2014

A chorus line of frogs

I love a crafty challenge which is just as well really because sometimes imagination just runs away with us during puppet practice!

Several weeks ago we were deciding on the music for the puppet song for our church Easter Sunday service. We use parody music and picked New Life, New Life (Mark Bradford). It's set to the tune of Frank Sinatra's New York, New York and has wonderfully clear lyrics. Anyway, we decided on a Vegas type style with the purple puppet wearing a flashy gold outfit. The missing bit was a chorus line. So we threw some ideas around and decided kicking frogs would work.

First off was to design something that would work, and sort out materials.  It had to be fairly light, sturdy, and be able to kick!  So here is what I came up with (you need to use imagination here as it's a prototype made of matchsticks, wool and pom-poms):

And kicking:

So materials?  Mam had a broken child's umbrella and I had a broken clothes airer - voila!

With a bit of help from Dad, we cut the clothes airer down, attached the umbrella handle to the bit that would move, and an old chisel handle to the bit that wouldn't, then painted it black so it wouldn't show against the stage.

The stays of the umbrella were cut down to size and would become the moving legs.

After that I made a pattern for the foam bodies and cannibalised a green cuddle buddy crocodile for fabric.  The vertical rods of the airer became the stationery leg and body of the frogs, and then I added heads and arms, and the moveable legs. I added a bit of black fabric to hide the chisel handle and it worked brilliantly.  Here is the finished chorus line from the back so you can see the handle and the arms:

And then from the front:

They were great fun to make though a bit fiddly.  I'm sure we will get loads of use out of them.

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