Sunday, 9 March 2014

Scrappy Sunday

Sunday once again. It comes round so fast and I wonder what happened to the week!

Saturday was a bit of a lost day. It started off really well. I was up bright and early and my shopping list and I set off to stock up the fridge and cupboards.  I even stopped off at the sports centre to sign up for my free 7 day gym pass and book a mini induction for 8:30am today.  Doesn't sound too bad so far does it?  Ah, but this is where things went a bit awry.  Putting a bag of shopping, only a medium heavy bag, onto the back seat of the car, I felt something go. Oh yes! Welcome to pulled muscle land.  Ouch!

I gritted my teeth, repeated "ow ow ow that hurts" and several other choice phrases as I managed to drive home.  In fact I thought I was being remarkably stoic and stiff upper lip-ish. That was right up until I got home and DH sympathetically asked what I'd done, at which point my stiff upper lip lost its stiffness under the pathetic influence of the blubbering lower lip and I collapsed into a sobbing heap of mush.  DH kindly rubbed Tiger Balm into the offending area, got me a hot water bottle, and put all the shopping away - in that order! Hero!

So I got nothing else done for the rest of the day except flick through this The Craft Library book I picked up for £2.

Some nice ideas I might have a go at for church fetes.  

On another note.  I had a play with the stitches on my machine and some scraps of fabric. I need to tidy the ends up and work out what to do with it now.  What do you think? It's only about six inches square so options are probably few.


I'll be defluffing seams for the rest of the day on the latest puppet and giving my pulled muscle a bit more chance to heal.  Looking forward to linking up with Handmade Harbour for Handmade Monday, hope to see you there.

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