Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Yesterday the pancakes were duly made and eaten with little thought about Shrove Tuesday and quite a bit about what went in them (bananas and yoghurt in case you wondered). 

Today is a bit different.  Today is the beginning of Lent.  So I was doing the usual 'What should I give up for Lent?' - chocolate obviously - when I realised that for each idea, I was weighing up the difficulty and discarding the ones that were too hard.  It brought me up a short, and to be honest, I felt a bit ashamed of myself.  Lent is a time to fast (not necessarily from food), and reflect on my relationship with God. There is an element of self control and challenge in that which I was completely missing.

I am doing a sponsored swim in aid of a local hospice charity. "That's a bit of a change of tack" I hear you say. Well bear with me, there is a point, honest.  There were four options for the length of the swim, to be done over ten weeks (with money off 30 swim sessions).  I worked out how many lengths I thought I could do in one session (30), so 900 lengths, then looked at the distances.  There wasn't a 900 length option. What to do? Did I opt for the lower option which was well within my abilities? No! I challenged myself and went for the ultimate challenge - 1488 lengths!

Did you notice that there is a very marked difference in the way I approached the swim and Lent?  I thought you might have. So, now that I have recognised this, time to do something about it.  Yes I am still giving up chocolate in all forms, but I've also decided to give up Hay Day, a game I play at least a couple of times a day.  That is going to be really tough but I can use that time to reflect instead.

So what are you doing?   Oh, and just in case you would like an update on the swim, you can read that here:

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