Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hillarys blinds competition

I know that there have been a lot of other bloggers entering the Hillarys Blinds Country Craft Competition, and I have been right up to the wire on this one. So here I am on the very last day of the competition posting my entry!

It has been a little tight getting this done but I am really pleased with how it has come out.  I didn't know what I would make until the metre square of fabric dropped through the letterbox.  I had chosen the Calluna pattern and saw that it had alternating panels of many dots and few dots. When I was looking for inspiration I came across this pin of an orchid 

I thought the dots on the fabric would work well with this so I got to work designing a pattern.  I had a practice with similar weight fabric to see if it would look ok, but didn't actually sew it onto anything.  Here is the practice piece laid out:

I thought it worked well but the middle bit needed more shape so I altered the pattern a bit and got to work. Originally I wanted each petal to be proud on the cushion so I made each one double sided. I stitched a pleat down the centre of each pointed petal to give it some shape and gathered the inside edge of the wider petals for shape. All petals have dark green veins in straight stitch. 

I decided the pointed petals needed to be stitched down because they were too flappy so I hand stitched them onto the cushion cover. The larger petals are attached in the middle of the flower and at one point on the top edge but the rest is left loose.  The velvety red is a perfect match on colour an is overlooked round the edge, with pink veins frim the middle of the flower.  I made a pad of cream shiny fabric for the centre to give shape then attached it by hand. The pointed ends are stitched at one point to hold them in place and the rest remains free.

This was going to be a Mother's Day present for my Mam. It will be a day late because I was finishing it yesterday but I hope she will like it, she loves orchids. Thanks to Hillarys Blinds for the fabric. I have really enjoyed exploring something completely new!  So here it is, the finished cushion:

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