Sunday, 23 February 2014

Preparing for a workshop

It's a month to go before my first ever workshop - eeeeekkkk!  The workshop is actually a two day event where I will be doing two sessions on day one and three slightly shorter ones on day two with a maximum of fifteen people on each session.  A bit of a baptism of fire and it is definitely making me nervous.

Consequently, I've spent much of the last fortnight sorting out my insurance, doing a risk assessment, resources list, draft workshop plan, and a two sided blurb for the delegate pack.  The experience has been quite challenging, but in a good way.  Delegates will be mainly adults on day one, with a few more children on day two so the sessions have to suit quite a wide audience.  

We will be doing a bit of puppet making (socks or bags), followed by a bit of basic puppetry. I was a bit unsure about the timings so I decided to use my nephews as guinea pigs on making sock puppets.  We managed it in the time I had planned (yippee) and it was absolutely invaluable - I realised I hadn't included stuffing and buttons on my list, and that I need at least one more glue gun, preferably two!

I would recommend doing a run through with your target audience if you are planning a workshop. Very very helpful.

Here is the sock puppet I did. It's very simple but I was wielding the glue gun for all three of us so happy with that.

And here is another that I did today. No glue on this one, all stitched.

Popping over to link up with Handmade Harbour for Handmade Monday to see what everyone else has been up to, why not join me.

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