Sunday, 2 February 2014

New puppet and a spare arm!

Do you notice anything unusual about this picture?

Yes, you've got it. I knew you were all switched on. They are the same (apart from the little stitch detail on the top one). This may not seem like a bad thing to most of you.  But, to a puppet who needs two arms, preferably one on either side of its body, it's not a great position to be in.  Oh yes! I stitched a purple pad on the wrong side so now I have two right arms and no left arms.  That's what happens when you get distracted and sew on automatic.  I will just have to cut out another puppet so we have twins (guess that's me sorted for the rest of the week).

Onto the new puppet.  Scrufftub was finished today.  He's a little bit nervous about meeting you all though.  I told him that if he let me take a picture and he waved to you, you would all wave back.  He started with a wave but ended up sucking his thumb a bit, but I'm sure you won't mind.  I'm off to connect with Handmade Harbour for  Scrufftub and I hope you enjoy your visit and leave a message.

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