Sunday, 12 January 2014

Slow start to the New Year

It was inspiring reading all the blogs linked to Handmade Harbour last week.  So much activity! I had a bit of a subject block last week so didn't blog but I want to make sure I blog each week so here I am, waffling away!

I've spent today making Christmas cards.  I know! I wanted to get them out of the way early. I usually spend January cutting up carrier bags of cards coming from family and friends so it made sense to make them straight into new cards instead of packing them all away until November. This will be my main project for the next week, so I can then clear the living room.

Oh, and I made some legs. Yes legs.  I got a great book for Christmas, 'Crafty Creatures' by Jane Bull, that has some sweet little birds in it with wire legs. When I was pulling last years calendar apart for recycling I noticed that the wire spiral would work really well for the legs.  I only wish I'd realised earlier so I could have commandeered everyone else's as well!  I will post pictures when I have made one.

So short and sweet this week.  I'm off to link up with now, see you over there.

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