Sunday, 1 December 2013

It's Christmas Time!

It's our tradition to put up the decorations in the first weekend in December and we have finally finished. Yippee!  We ran out of batteries but that isn't anything new.  My brilliant hubby puts all the Gathering (the ornaments) out and does all of the batteries while I do the tree and the staircase lights.  It takes us two days! I thought I'd give you a quick tour of the living room - if I did the stairs, kitchen, and hallway as well we could be here all night.

Here is the fireplace. My Sister-in-law made us the stockings years ago and they hang there till Christmas Eve when we stuff them with silly presents for each other which we open after midnight.

The photo doesn't really do it justice. Then the tree:

The tree is on a box that is used to store all the tree ornaments for the rest of the year. I made a cover for it and each side has a different picture: Sleigh, Santa, Snowman, and Angel. Over the years I've made a few of the tree ornaments as well, mainly the beaded ones. I haven't done one this year though.   Next to show you are some cushions I did from a pattern I bought two years ago.  They are made out of fleece (sorry about the photo quality) and I ended up making them for all the family. 

And finally Mr Sparkles' house. Mr Sparkles is the hedgehog and I made him a house last year so he can have his friends round. It has a tree, presents and fireplace inside, and a snowman by the side of the door, with icicles hanging off the roof.

I hope you have enjoyed the Christmassy tour of the front room. Looking forward to reading everyone's blogs over at Handmade Harbour

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