Thursday, 26 December 2013

Crafty Christmas

The crazy crafty run up to Christmas has finished! 

I love Christmas. It's such a wonderful time both in church and at home.  This year I took a bit more time off work in the run up to Christmas in the hope that I would be more relaxed on the crafting front.  I'm not sure it really worked. I was still madly crafting right up to the wire this year, but I was a bit better organised ;-)

So what did I make?
For church I had to come up with some disguises for a lion puppet. Luckily they needed to be a bit rubbish so they were easy.

I know I have mentioned the Christmas Eve Tardis for our nephews and promised to blog about it. So here goes. Materials: blue sheeting fabric (a lot of it), stiff interfacing, black sheeting fabric, cream/white oddments (I used an old valance), bondaweb, Velcro, five tension curtain rods, a blue pot from instant noodles (for the light), and a bit of elastic.  I started by cutting the interfacing for the doors with four apertures for the indentations, then covering them (both sides) in blue sheeting.  Next I cut the letters out of the cream and ironed them onto the black strips.  Then it was a case of piecing all the bits together and making sure the channels for the rods were big enough. Rods go at the bottom and top of the two vertical panels (four) and one in the middle of the roof.  The last bit was to make a big Suffolk puff type addition to the middle of the roof to hold the 'light'. It doesn't light up but the boys didn't mind.

With that out of the way I made my sister a little house for the tiny guinea pig I had bought from Here he is in his new home:

I also made her a pouch for her acer tablet:

And made her and my parents their Christmas cakes. Sisters is the robins which is totally marzipan.

I've been playing with my new sewing machine today but back to work tomorrow.  I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas. God bless.

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