Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ever feel you haven't made much?

A couple of years ago, around New Year time, I was sat thinking about what I had achieved on the craft front over the previous year. The UFO's (unfinished objects) stashed in various places screamed 'not very much'. I could think of a few completed items (presents mainly) but it was considerably less than I had planned at the beginning of that year. Needless to say I felt a little disappointed in myself.

I wrote out my list of items I would do in the year to come. Most were a direct lift from the previous list.  They had remained stubbornly sat on the list, refusing to venture into the partially made brotherhood of UFO's.  I also made myself a promise that I would write down every single item that I finished and the month it was finished in. 

Roll on to the end of another year and back to a little contemplation of achievements.  Once again the brotherhood of UFO's were mocking me, and the list of planned items didn't have many crossed off.  Those un-started items were having a party on the paper, celebrating their second Birthday.

Then I opened my little book where I had written all the finished items.   There were lots and lots!  Cards, presents, DIY projects, fund-raising items, even some items that I had made for myself! I realised that yes I had planned a list, but life had thrown up other items that were more important. It wasn't that I hadn't done much crafty stuff - I'd done loads! - they were just not what I'd originally thought. I now write in my little 'Finished Items' book every time and it makes me feel really great when I look back at everything I manage to finish.

I hope this strikes a chord with some of you. I'm off to
See you there!

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