Sunday, 10 November 2013

A bitty week

Yes definitely a bitty sort of a week. So, aside from work what have I been doing?

Monday night was good as I finally finished the cushion cover commission.

They have now gone to their new home and the lady is very pleased with them. Phew! I had to buy the pink fabric, two zips, a skein of embroidery cotton, and a couple of spools of cotton but the rest was from my stash. The flowery fabric was a much loved dress, I can't recall where the green came from, and the remaining zip had been taken from a coat!

Wednesday night I spent trawling through scripts for the puppets to do for the Christmas services and managed to find two that work well and will only need minor tweaks. Thursday Puppet Team meeting where we agreed the scripts and the songs we will do as well.  Just to practice, and make some props now!

Friday was baking. Yum, coffee and walnut cake for my mother-in-law's birthday. Saturday there were a few things going on but I managed to make some fridge magnets for the church fete next week. They have a cork base (leftover from making a notice board), with either buttons on top or embellishments from my card stash.  The magnets are from a work planner (rescued them about ten years ago). 

Today I have wrapped a shoebox for Christmas Child (it took me ages!) glued the last few magnets, repaired a puppet and arm rod, and hand hemmed a pair of curtains!  When I look at it like that it's not too bad really. In fact now I'm feeling quite chuffed.

I hope you have all had a really productive week too. I'm going to zip on over to handmade Monday to see what you have all bee up to. See you there.

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