Thursday, 5 September 2013

Blog from Sorrento (final day)

Our final full day in Sorrento. We decided not to go to Capri but to spend the day visiting places in Sorrento we hadn't seen yet. We started with a very leisurely breakfast.  I think I will miss doughnuts for breakfast when we go home but my waistline will probably appreciate it.

In the middle of Sorrento is a great gaping hole with a ruined mill. It is surrounded by roads and buildings and I'm not sure how it ended up being so far below the level of the rest of the town, but it has a sad feel to it. Abandoned and forgotten, and covered in vegetation. Hubby couldn't stand near the edge because of the drop but I managed to take a couple of pictures.

The plan was to walk alongside the old walls but we got a little turned about. Granted we did see bits of Sorrento we hadn't been to, mainly hotels and residential areas. When we eventually did find the walls it was at an arch into the older part of the town.  There was a small marquetry workshop and gallery within the walls with really beautiful pieces.  Next we visited the cathedral and hubby managed to sneakily take this photo inside.

Gorgeous isn't it?  We visited a few more churches and the Franciscan cloisters.  The cloisters were being prepared for a wedding and looked absolutely stunning.  After that we simply went for a lazy drink and enjoyed the sun. Lunch was a picnic on the balcony, bread, cheese, grapes, tomatoes, and olives from the local supermarket.  So relaxed, so snacky, yum.

We are going back to the Leone Rosso for our last evening meal, because it is so nice there. Tomorrow is packing and travelling, and hoping we can bring a bit of sun and siesta back with us.

Arrividerci from Sorrento.

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