Sunday, 1 September 2013

Blog from Sorrento (days 2 & 3)

Day 2: breakfast was a feast of cakes and toast, though hubby went for the dodgy cereal, ham and cheese.  It set us up for the day and off we went to the welcome meeting (where we got more free biscuits and juice).  We decided not to go on the walkabout and headed off for a long walk on our own.  The plan was to visit a ruined villa but we only got as far as Marina Grande then turned around and walked through the streets to Marina Piccola.  Picked up the information on ferries then walked back up to the main area of Sorrento for lunch.

We stopped in a restaurant on one of the narrow shopping streets.  The old gentleman enticing people in was very sweet, though a little off the wall.  He did try on hubby's hat at the end and gave me a hug as we left which was nice.  Back to the hotel for a siesta then a wander out on the evening for a lovely meal at 'la basilica' which was a romantic end to our anniversary.

Day 3: we had big plans for today (not perfectly formed) which sort of went to pot this morning. We had a leisurely brekkie (yep, cakes again for me) then went to find out the route for the sightseeing bus (already bought the tickets).  We had about an hour to kill before the next tour so decided to go to the Museo Correale di Terranova. This was eight euros each and well worth it.  The museum itself was on three floors and stocked full of paintings and furniture, then there was a walk through the garden to a belvedere viewing point.  Time was getting a bit tight and we had to decide whether to go through the garden or head off to the bus.  The garden won.  It was a good choice.  We were the only ones sat at the viewing point watching the boats coming in. We spent an hour just sat letting the world go by. It was fantastic.

So not having got more than about 500 yards from the hotel we went to a little restaurant found on trip advisor.  The meal was wonderful and very reasonably priced Leone Rosso, I'd recommend to everyone. After stuffing ourselves we finally went on the little city train.  I love these things.  They are the little toy tourist trains that run round towns and we always go on them.  This one was good because you got headphones and had a running commentary as you went round. For six euros it wasn't bad. We are now happily lazing about on the balcony enjoying the warmth. Oh I feel soooo lazy today!

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