Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Blog from Sorrento (day 5)

Market day today. A short walk uphill and there we were, in a veritable sea of sandals, flip flops, floaty dresses and bags.  I succumbed to a very large flowery floaty top/short dress thing. Not because its heavenly or figure flattering, but because its voluminous nature and sheer fabric should keep me cool on the balcony whilst concealing all my bumpy wobbly bits ;-)

I love looking at the food stalls on Italian markets, the fresh fruit and veg is so massive and bright it takes your breath away, and the meats and cheeses are a sight to behold.  You never get that at home.  Cheese at home comes in unassuming little blocks, sometimes waxed, that sit on a stall hoping to be noticed, like the proverbial plain Jane at a dance.  Not so the Italian cheeses.  These come in great round wheels that wouldn't look out of place on a car, or on funny gourd shapes hanging from strings.  Both shout to be noticed and dare you to buy one to see if you can eat it before the holiday ends.  We didn't take up the challenge. I know we would have failed miserably, and the cheese would just have sat there mocking us as we packed on Friday.

After the market it was time for the big red bus City Sightseeing open topped tour. We managed to get on the top deck, enjoying the commentary as we drove around Sorrento then out along the coast though Massa Lubrense and on to Termini.  The views across to Capri were stunning and it was easy to imagine the time of legend when the Sirens tempted sailors to their deaths with their singing.  The coach carried on up into the hills and took a winding road back down into Sorrento. It was lovely.

Bearing in mind it was now 32 degrees in the shade any sane person would have retired back to an air conditioned hotel room for a siesta, but not us.  We had a fabulous lunch of salad followed by ice cream (well come on...we are in Italy!) then went souvenir and gift hunting round the cobbled streets. We found everything we were looking for, and for those crafty people among you, we found the most fabulous pottery workshop and shop.  I would have loved to buy the shop out but simply could not have got it home.  If you are ever in Sorrento find Terrerosse.  The work is great.  I will be looking up their Facebook page.  Unfortunately I don't think they sell on line.

So now we are finally back in the hotel, and as soon as I launch this blog I will be collapsing into siesta.
Bye for now!

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