Sunday, 11 August 2013

Clock and clear

Hello Everyone.
It's been a busy few days for me.  First up, I've been stationed at the sewing machine quite a bit and have managed to sew all the elements of three puppets, whoohoo!  All that's now left is releasing the fur on the arms and getting them, and the eyes, stitched to the bodies.  Should be finished those by the end of the week.

Secondly, we get to the 'clear' of the title.  My hero Dad has been a putting up shelves in my outhouse and shed.  I feel a little guilty because he is over 75 but he was more annoyed that I hadn't asked him sooner.  He did let me help with the drilling - those bricks were hard.  Okay, bricks are meant to be hard, but THAT hard?  Anyway, now all my tools, gardening and decorating stuff are tidy,I know what I've got, and where it is.  Whether it stays like that for any length of time I don't know but it's great at the moment, and will give me somewhere to store my display boards for craft fairs.

Now onto the clock part of the blog.  You may remember in an earlier post I was going to make a clock out of an old record and post pictures.  Well I had to change plan because we bought the wrong mechanism.  I needed something thicker.  I found this chopping board in a charity shop that looked virtually unused so gave it a good scrub, and made sure the side with the few cuts was on the back.  Then I marked out the position of the numbers, drilled a hole in the middle and gave it a couple of coats of very light varnish:

Here is the clock mechanism and a selection of buttons from my stash I was thinking about using.  Yes that is a protractor - not used one since school but so glad I had kept it!

After deciding on the buttons and gluing them in place, the assembly instructions on the clock mechanism were easy to follow, and voila!  Here is the finished article hanging on the kitchen wall. I admit that I'm quite chuffed with the way it turned out.

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