Saturday, 31 August 2013

Blog from Sorrento (day 1)

Sorrento. What were we expecting? Well the travel to get here you expect to be okay, with maybe the odd delay waiting for luggage.  We had a tailwind flying out so actually landed ahead of schedule, yippee! Unfortunately our plane had a fuel leak so they couldn't unload the bags until it was cleared up - three hours later the bags arrived.  We were all a bit fed up but, hey, these things happen.

Even though we had been waiting that long, Thompson didn't manage to get the buses sorted out, they redid the lists, we got on the bus, then were told there was a problem and to get off again onto another bus.  After that they stopped at a hotel that nobody was staying at, to a slow handclap from one of the other, very miffed, holiday makers.

In trepidation we got to our hotel and its lovely.  The room is great, hotel is clean and the staff are super helpful.  Hotel Capri, if any of you are planning a trip.  

After we'd unpacked we went off for a wander, picked up a couple of timetables, noted the stop for the toy train (oh yes, we always go on those), found loads of shops selling lemony things, and sat down for the well deserved pizza/gnocchi and beer. It's a busy place with lots of narrow alleys crowded with shops that are heaven to mooch about in.  Surprisingly there are quite a lot of Christmas ornaments as well (that's us sorted!).

On the evening we strolled out, there was music and dancing in the streets, we sat in the cafe and watched the world go by.  Bliss.  It's a glorious sunny morning now and were off to explore. 

Bye for now.

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