Monday, 26 August 2013

Bank Holiday Adventures

August bank holiday and I'm sure you all had loads of things planned.  Our plan was a day out with hubby's sister and family at The Forbidden Corner.  Preparation started Sunday with individual corned beef pies for the picnic

This morning it was making sandwiches and assembling the picnic. I'm going to have a brief pause here to tell you about the sarnies:
- mine - chilli ham, pease pudding, and piccalilli
- hubby - 1) beef, pease pudding and tomato. 2) normal ham, chive double Gloucester cheese, and Branston pickle

Are these normal sarnies? Bearing in mind I added chilli & lemon crisps into mine at lunchtime, I have to think the answer is probably 'No'.

So off to the Forbidden Corner which was great fun.  I got wet - twice! I think we missed a few items, and didn't manage to get all the brass rubbings but it was fun.  They have a nice picnic area near some ponds so we sat in the sun and watched the ducks and fish.  It was a lovely spot.  It was still a bit early to go home so out came the map (paper as no phone signal) and we decided on a little adventure.

Brimham Rocks.  My parents used to take me here when I was little and I loved it! Loads of rocks balanced like buttons stacked on top of each other. So much climbing fun to be had. The nephews had never been so we weren't sure how they would like it.  We shouldn't have worried.  They were all for climbing the biggest rock stacks they could find with Auntie Andrea joining in of course.  I suspect we may have frightened hubby and their mam when we waved from the top of a 20-30 foot stack!

I am now getting ready for sleep to re-charge my batteries ready for Alnwick Castle and gardens tomorrow!

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