Monday, 19 August 2013

A Puppet is born

Today I thought I would tell you about the recent additions to the puppet family.  Some of you will already know Korfel who was the only puppet left in stock.
Korfel happy with her new look
She made friends with the Three Degrees of Neon but as all rock stars do, they went off to a new gig and left her alone again. 
Three Degrees of Neon at the after show party before they went.
Next to join the family was Ribble.  This is a very sweet puppet who took a while to find it's name and is a bit of an innocent (a bit like Jaffa who we'll come to soon).  Ribble and Korfel have been getting on well and having a happy time playing in the box.  Then along came Boris!
Meet Ribble.
Borris is a bit naughty and has been telling rude jokes and off colour stories to the others since the moment he arrived.  I think he deliberately wants to shock, and he has done a good job with Ribble with this one:


 Jaffa came along and you can see by these two shots that he took a while to 'get' the joke.  A bit of thinking going on there at the start, but he got there in the end!

 After Jaffa I thought the remaining orange puppet would be a girl called Clementine (do you see what I did there) with long black lashes to go with her spotty eyelids.  But there was a personality strongly coming through and it wasn't a girl!  So meet Max.  He's a little more serious and is older than the others.

 I hope you've enjoyed meeting the family.  I think Max may try and keep Boris in check!

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