Friday, 14 June 2013

Poor Bertie

Today did not start well.  I walked into the work room and Bertie was making those 'I am going to be sick' movements, and she looked so sick!  It probably wasn't a good idea to let them out of the cage at this point.  I should have listened to my instincts but I didn't. 

So, ten minutes later, with Bertie still looking poorly and Spock not getting much reaction out of her I decided a visit to the vets was in order.  Oh yes! How to catch a poorly budgie who has just come out of the cage.  Not good. Spock seemed to be shepherding her around the room to keep her out of, what he probably thought were my evil clutches. Tempting with millet and bath didn't work. Half an hour later I had to resort to the 'throwing a large piece of material over her' tactic.  At least it worked!

She has an infection. Antibiotics twice a day for ten days. So she will be fed up of being caught by the end of it and I suspect will have sussed the fabric ploy.  Should be fun!

Here are the two of them on a good day. Bertie is the green one.

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