Sunday, 9 June 2013

Decorating weekend

It has been a busy weekend.  The decorators finally finished on Friday, but the insurers don't cover things like skirting boards so a weekend of cleaning and white glossing was ahead of me.  

Jobs list:
1. Clean the lobby/utility room and gloss door frame, skirting and cupboard door frames (there are quite a lot)
2. Gloss window walls, skirting and door frame in the kitchen
3. Seal the vinyl flooring in the lobby and bathroom
4. Gloss cupboard, skirting and door frame in bathroom
5. Tile under the windowsill in the kitchen
6. Minor DIY jobs like repairing cupboard door handle and replacing carpet grip
7. Repair notice board 

I am pleased to say that I have managed to complete all of the above with only one omission.  I got the kitchen done then realised I had forgotten to gloss the hatch through to the living room.....doh!  I am going to do that first thing tomorrow as we both have headaches from the smell at the moment.

The notice board is one my Dad made and I decorated. Dad couldn't find any cork but I managed to find some placemats and cut them to size.  
The bottom two sections are decorated with some fabric glued on and varnished over.  I added hooks on the right and bathroom tidies from the pound shop to the left to hold the blackboard chalk and other essentials. I love my notice board!

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