Sunday, 30 June 2013

Button Magnets and Cake

My nephew turned 18 on Friday.  Stepping into the adult world now....blimey I feel old!  I wanted to make him a cake to celebrate. I've made a note in the recipe book not to use that one again as it turned out a bit dry.  Everyone was polite enough not to say so though, which was kind.  Anyway, how to decorate it. I remember seeing a game console one in a book and decided to do an x-box controller.  I didn't manage to get the button proportions right but it wasn't too bad.  The 18 candle is hiding the X button but here it is:

I used the left over bits of cake to make vodka truffles.  I still have some rumtopf left that I made using vodka so used that.  They were small but yummy.

Button Magnets
So moving onto the button part of the title now.  After spending a couple of hours cleaning yesterday, and then visiting family (always nice), I wanted to find something crafty to do that I could do downstairs.  Bang goes anything on the sewing machine as that's upstairs. So glue gun, buttons, cork leftovers (from the notice board), and some spare magnets in hand I got myself ensconced on the sofa. A short time later and I now have a batch of bright magnets that I will take to the next craft stall.  

I think they are sweet.

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